Datapoint Bridge

Datapoint Bridge provides the connection between the datapoints (also called services, inputs, outputs etc.) of Lablink clients.

Configuration server

The Configuration server is a simple server for Lablink setups

Synchronization host

The Synchronization host is a standalone Lablink client that provides the functionality to synchronize clients during a simulation run.

Redis client

The Redis client provides an adapter for interfacing with a Redis database.

OPC UA client

The OPC UA client provides an adapter to communicate via OPC UA with external resources.

FMU Simulator

The FMU Simulator provides clients that can import and execute Functional Mock-up Units (FMUs).

Universal Data Exchange API

The Universal API client implements the ERIGrid Universal Data Exchange API. This allows to interact with other Lablink clients through a simple REST interface.

CSV client

The CSV client provides a data source using CSV data.


The Plotter is a Lablink client for visualizing data as plotted graphs in a separate window.